Testo Products - for all your HACCP requirements!

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Testo for all your HACCP requirements!

What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an official set of process food safety guidelines which covers all stages of the food production chain and is something that all companies involved with food production & distribution must strictly adhere to.

It offers guidance and best practice advice for a systematic, preventative approach to food safety that covers the key temperature levels for the food production process. If temperature is improperly monitored and maintained, food will spoil due to bacteria and become dangerous for human consumption.

There is a specific temperature band, known as the danger zone (5-60 degrees centigrade), which provides optimum conditions for the multiplication of a variety of pathogens and bacteria, thus making accurate measurement imperative.

So it’s very important that you have an accurate thermometer for measuring critical temperatures and logging same, this can be done either with a Testo Thermometer such as the Testo 106 or Testo 108 and writing in the results in your log book.

In items such as Coldroom’s, Freezer Rooms, Displays, Refrigerated Cabinets, you could install Testo Data loggers, such as the Testo 174T which will continuously monitor the temperature and allow you to have a complete history of the temperatures in your main food storage areas such as your Coldroom etc. it will save on time and ensure , temperature checks are done!

You could also use the Testo Saveris 2,  which is continuously monitoring the Fridge /Freezer temperature and uploading the data to Testo cloud, it has the option of notifying you by email, SMS and the temperature can be checked on your mobile any place in the world.

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