What's so special about the Testo 108 thermometer?

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The Testo 108 Penetration Food Thermometer comes with a protective cover and a penetration probe and is the ideal thermometer for checking temperatures in hot / cold food, fridge temperatures.

Testo 108 – Testo 108-2  “Splash Proof”  Probe Thermometer

The Testo 108 enables you to undertake spot check measurements in a matter of seconds. Whether this is for transport and storage of food, in restaurants, in large scale kitchens or the food service industry.

If you want to measure temperature, this instrument is all you need.

It will enable you to integrate temperature measurement effortlessly into your day-to-day work.

Trust the Testo 108 to meet your HACCP compliance requirements.

To ensure proper food quality and safety, temperature measurements are critical. 

Given the number of temperatures that you need to check, you need a thermometer that is reliable and fast. 

Testo 108 delivers ruggedness, reliability, and accuracy you expect.

It's compact size and ease of use with the large digital display makes it the ideal thermometer choice for your business!

It also comes with a Softcase which protects the thermometer, and makes it waterproof!

It’s a suitable thermometer for the following:

  • Restaurants, Delicatessen, Catering, Hospitals, Butchers.
  • Incoming Goods, Hot Goods, Fridge Temperature.
  • Presently in use in Hospitals, Centra’s, Spar, Restaurants etc.

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