JRI Transalim Goods Vehicle Chart Recorder

New JRI Transalim Goods Vehicle Chart Recorder

JRI TRANSALIM: Goods Vehicle Chart recorder

TRANSALIM is a stand-alone temperature recorder especially designed for transporting perishable goods under controlled temperature. It is based on a reliable and mastered technical for many years, derived from the other recorders of the JRI range: temperature measurement by thermogas element. This element consists of a stainless steel tube linked to the casing by a copper capillary and filled with a neutral gas meeting all hygiene requirements for transported foodstuffs. Temperature variations are displayed directly on a circular diagram.

Ergonomy: to make this instrument still user friendly and to facilitate data processing,

TRANSALIM is fitted with a removable and led tape enabling to access the diagram. To change the recording speed, one needs only to replace the tape installed inside with the tape corresponding to the requested speed.

The tapes are interchangeable from one recorder to another. Waterproof, heavy duty and with little space requirements, TRANSALIM may be mounted very easily outside the compartment to be monitored. Two measuring ways: capable of receiving a second measuring way, TRANSALIM may very well measure the temperature of the compartment in two significant points, for instance to signal any open doors if one of the sensors is placed close to the said doors. Stand-alone: TRANSALIM measures, records, prints, and possesses its own power supply, which makes its operation fully independent. It is supplied by a battery for 6-months autonomous operation. Applications Fields Perishable goods transport under controlled temperature.

Technical characteristics:

Measurement range from -25°C to +25°C

Operating range from -30°C to +65°C

Limits from -30°C to +70°C

Storage conditions from -40°C to + 85°C

Accuracy ± 2°C Class 2

Resolution 0,5°C Recording durations 1 revolution 28 days or 1 revolution 7 days or 1 revolution 24h by changing the tape Diagram scrolling speed at 0°C: 2 mm/h for 1 rev./7d and 14 mm/h for 1 rev./24h Movement quartz Power battery 1,5V ( LR6)

Autonomy pen: 90 m trace long; battery: 6 months

Recording support circular paper diagram Ø 160 mm

Sensor: Stainless steel bulb linked to the casing via a copper capillary 10 m (1 channel recorder), 10 m and 20 m (2 channels recorder)

Protection IP65

Dimensions 282 mm x 234 mm x 83 mm

Weight 1 channel: 1,5 kg; 2 channels: 2,3 kg

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