JRI Mini Disque Chart Recorder

New JRI Mini Disque Chart Recorder

JRI Mini Disque: Remote: Ambient

Reliable, simple and easy to operate, Minidisque are recorders dedicated for measuring temperature and relative humidity. They operate by direct action: the measuring element directly controls the recording device. No energy source is required. Circular chart recording is by continuous plotting with a replaceable fibre tip pen. The window provides visibility for the entire graph. For the remote mode, the temperature is measured by the mean of a probe filled with a neutral gas under high pressure linked to the case by a 3 meters copper capillary.

Ambient MINIDISQUE • heating rooms, air-conditioned areas • laboratories, clean rooms • food distribution

Remote MINIDISQUE • food industry • medical cold chain • pharmaceutical industry

Technical characteristics Measurement range see hereunder table Operating range from

 -15°C to +60°C Storage conditions from -35°C to +65°C

Accuracy Temperature: ± 2% of the measuring range ±1°C range (at 23°C) Humidity ± 6%RH

Recording period 7 days Clock mechanism quartz

Temperature sensor Temperature bimetal

Stainless Steel bulb Ø10 mm and 100 mm length connected by a copper capillary L3 m Ø2,5 mm Humidity hair sheaf

Circular paper diagram Ø 125 mm Power 1,5 V (LR6)

Autonomy battery 1 year life at 20°C

Fibre tip pen 90 m long trace DIN Format 144 x 144 mm


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